# General Questions

# How does the platform work?

Tacoloco is an advertising network where you can buy traffic on the basis of an auction. When you create a campaign, you set the price per 1 click (push, in-page, direct clicks) by yourself. The system analyzes the current indicators of all active campaigns from all advertisers automatically, determines the winner campaign and distributes traffic according to this information.

# What types of advertising are available now?

At the moment we provide push, in-page and direct clicks traffic.

# Where can I see the information on click rates and traffic volumes for countries and platforms?

Traffic Chart folder contains all statistics per last 24 hours about current bids and number of daily impressions for each separate country, platform and traffic type.

# How often is the information about current bids updated?

The information is updated once an hour.

# What is the traffic percentage for mobiles and desktop?

Our traffic is about 80% mobile and 20% desktop.

# What verticals can be the most profitable?

In our network you can advertise almost any offers. The best results can be awaited for the following verticals: Dating, Crypto currency, Utilities, Sweepstakes, Gambling, Nutra, Adult content (it is necessary to choose «Dating» traffic type for this category).

# Is it allowed to advertise Adult content at your network?

Adult content is allowed, but it is necessary to choose «Dating» traffic type for this category. If neutral creatives and landing pages are used, it is also possible to choose «All» traffic type.

# Do you have a referral program?

We don't have a referral program at the moment.

# Campaigns

# How can I select the right traffic type for my offer?

When you create a campaign it is possible to select 1 of 3 traffic types – Dating, Mainstream, All.

  • Dating - any offers are accepted, including Adult content (creatives with nudity are allowed). The subscribers are mostly men.
  • Mainstream - any offers are accepted, but excluding Adult content. The subscribers are 50% men and 50% women.
  • All - It is Dating + Mainstream if you want to reach a larger audience. Traffic is from both sources together. Adult offers are accepted only if they are advertised with neutral creatives and landing pages.

# What targeting settings are available?

When creating a campaign, you can select the traffic type (Dating, Mainstream, All), platform, OS, browser language and campaign country. It is also possible to set Capping for impressions and clicks, set the sending schedule and campaign budget. For in-page and direct clicks formats it is possible to select zones.

# What is Capping?

Impressions Capping - regulates how often the Push will be displayed to the same user. Clicks Capping - regulates how often the Push will be displayed to the user who had already clicked it before.

# What macros are available in your system and where can I find them?

The examples of all available macros are listed under the target URL line when you create a new campaign. At the moment the following macros are available:

  • {cost} - cost of done click, for example 0.005
  • {camp_id} - your campaign id, for example 1234
  • {country} - the country of subscription that clicked on Alpha-2 format. For example FR
  • {platform} - campaign platform, Mobile or Desktop
  • {click_id} - unique id of the click, for example 063-0HM0QKENBU7BV-B3ME
  • {button} - which button a user has clicked
  • {zone_id} - id of the zone for in-page and direct clicks ads, for example a12345
  • {source_id} - id of the source for in-page and direct clicks ads, for example s12345

# When I try to create a campaign, the system doesn’t let me save it. Why?

In case of failure with saving the campaign, the system indicates the fields which must be edited, they are also highlighted in red. In most cases the system does not let you save the campaign as the CPC is below the current minimum bid, set for the selected countries. We are working on the basis of an auction and it is impossible to set a cost below the minimum bid.

The minimum, average and maximum bids are displayed next to the CPC/CPM field and also can be found in the Traffic Chart section. There you can see the latest bid statistics for each country and platform for the last 24 hours.

# How can I see the reason for the campaign rejection?

If a campaign was rejected, you can always see the reason. To do this, click on "Rejected" status - a note from the moderators will appear, where you will see the reason why the campaign was rejected. After that, you can edit it and send it to moderation again.

# How can I see the reason for the campaign is paused?

If a campaign is paused, you can click on "Paused" status to see the reason why the campaign is inactive right now.

# How long is the campaign on moderation?

In most cases a campaign is checked by moderators for several minutes, but sometimes it can stay on moderation for several hours.

# Can I restart a campaign that was previously deleted?

A remote (archived) campaign can be restarted. To do this you need to select the Archived status on the campaigns page and restore the campaigns you want.

# Push advertising

# What is the advantage of push-ads format?

The main advantages of push format are:

  • wide coverage of the audience
  • high CTR
  • all users are real people
  • ads visibility is about 95%
  • low cost

# How often is the subscriber base updated?

Subscriber base is updated every day.

# How often are push notifications sent to users?

Approximately 2-4 times an hour and depending on user's activity.

# What is the schedule for sending push-notifications?

Push notifications sending is available from 6:00 to 00:00 according to local subscription time. If you want push-ads to be sent to users during particular hours, you can adjust time of sending using the schedule, but in the range of 6:00-00:00.

The system works on the basis of an auction CPC x CTR. Under CPC line you will find a recommended bid. The system analyzes automatically level of competition for particular target, current campaign's CTR and counts the bid for the campaign could take 5-6th position in the auction.

# What are push buttons for?

The buttons are displayed under the push notification. Mostly they are used to encourage a user to select the particular action and as a result to increase number of clicks. Therefore, a campaign improves the CTR, what gives it more chances to win in the auction.

# The campaign is stopped, but clicks continue to come. Why?

Due to the peculiarities of push format, impressions and clicks can be received much later than the actual sending time (the device was turned off, no internet access, the recipient did not see the notification immediately). Clicks come from the committed sending, you can not stop the process instantly. As a result, clicks can come after the campaign has been stopped. Most of impressions and clicks reach the audience during two hours after sending, but we count the clicks within 24 hours after the campaign was stopped. All clicks that come later will not be counted and will not be charged from your balance.

# In-page advertising

# What is the difference between in-page push ads and ordinary push ads?

Classic (web) push ads are displayed on users' devices, no matter what website users visit. In-page push ads are displayed like banners, only when a user visits some particular website.

# How does the auction work for in-page campaigns?

The auction for in-page format works as well as for push ads, CPC x CTR.

# There is no breakdown into platforms for in-page in Traffic Chart. Why?

At the moment we have in-page traffic only for mobiles.

# Direct clicks advertising

# What is direct clicks format and what is the peculiarity of this format?

Direct clicks is a separate type of popunder. An advertiser's link is opened not in the additional window (popup) or in the window after a visit (popunder). In this case there is a direct clicking on an advertiser's link, no creatives are required.

# How does the auction work for direct clicks campaigns?

The auction for direct clicks is built only on campaigns' CPC, from the highest to the lowest.

# Is direct clicks traffic mostly adult or mainstream?

At the moment most of this traffic is Mainstream. Adult traffic is available only for a restricted number of countries. The relevant info is in Traffic Chart folder.

# What Capping settings should be set for direct clicks?

There is a low chance to get non-unique clicks on this format, so you can switch off Capping. All in all these settings are always to the advertiser's taste.

# Payments and finance

# What ways of adding funds are available?

To top up your balance you can use Paxum, Capitalist, PerfectMoney payment systems, Visa and Mastercard credit cards or you can add funds by bank transfer.

# What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit amount is $100 (for all payment systems and credit cards) and $1000 (for bank wire transfer).

# Is there any commission charged for adding funds?

In case of depositing via Paxum, Capitalist, PerfectMoney there is no commission for the service. Commissions for other payment methods are displayed on the top-up page.

# How long are the funds credited to the account after the balance was topped up?

Usually transfer process takes a few minutes.

# How is payment charged from the balance?

When you create a campaign, you set the CPC, a price per 1 click. Every time the recipient clicks your ad, this amount is charged from the balance.